Myfin specialisation

  • In addition to our regular services we offer specialized solutions to those with unique financial requirements, based on their specific career streams or industry verticals.

    Here are some examples of our client engagements with specialized requirements:

    Healthcare professionals

    We have over 7 years of experience working with healthcare professionals and practices, allowing us to build a robust expertise in addressing their distinctive requirements. We understand the demanding requirements of your profession and the various needs you have as a healthcare professional in terms of financial planning. Our close relationships with our healthcare clients have made us a very proactive service provider who can assist you in all your financial needs, consistently.

    Over the years, we have been assisting the healthcare professionals and practices in asset protection, tax planning and wealth accumulation with great success, in the following specialized and personalized services:

    Business structure advice and formation of entities for individual/locum contractors, after hours GP doctors, GP practices and dental practices.
    Accounting services for practices and contractors.
    Tax consulting for healthcare professionals and practices.
    Structuring loans for better tax benefits and asset protection.
    Sourcing loans at 90% LVR with no LMI from major banks.

    QBCC Licensing or Financial Reviews:

    Myfin accountants have extensive proficiency in dealing with the QBCC, which includes securing QBCC licenses for new entities as well as renewing them in a timely manner. We fully understand the various requirements and research needs that are related to licensing different categories and provide consultancy on complex issues during any stage required by our clients.

    Myfin Accountants can assist with:

    Setting up an entity to work in the building and construction industry.
    Obtaining a new QBCC licence.
    Preparing financial information for licence renewals.
    Obtaining an independent review/audit report for new licence/renewal.
    Identifying and resolving ad-hoc complex issues with the QBCC.

    Negative Gearing Advice and Loan Structuring

    Myfin’s multidisciplinary expertise in accounting and mortgage broking has enabled us to provide specialist advice on negative gearing to clients looking to obtain an investment property loan. These services come at absolutely no extra cost to you!

    These services include:

    Providing you with expert negative gearing advice.
    Advice on loan suitability.
    Preparing and submitting the loan application on your behalf.
    Structuring loans for better tax benefits.

    Outsourced accounting services for accounting firms

    We understand that accounting firms in rural regions sometimes have trouble with providing reports on time to clients besides having issues with lodgment deadlines. Our outsourced accounting services can make these worries a thing of the past.

    You keep ownership of your clients because we assure you that we will not solicit or contact them in any manner through formally binding written contracts and agreements. Consider us an extension of your business, working to preserve your brand reputation. You need not be concerned about compatibility as we will function seamlessly as a part of your regular operations. Your business requirements become our business goals and we’ll work to prioritize your objectives based on your needs.

    Myfin can assist you with any accounting/tax/bookkeeping service, when:

    You are understaffed or affected by staff turnover.
    You are currently over engaged with client assignments.
    Any other issue is affecting your client engagements or lodgment deadlines.